Simply Sunflowers

I love sunflowers. They always seem so dynamic, so full of energy and they come in such a variety of colours. If you are interested in buying any of my sunflower paintings please do contact me

Sunflower Field 2.JPG

Sunflower Field 2

Oil on canvas, 36ins x 24ins.

Sunflowers in a Green Vase .JPG

Sunflowers in a Green Vase

Oil on canvas, 36ins x 28ins. 

sunflowers on a blue background


sunflowers on a violet background
sunflower heads on a green background
sunflowers on an orange background

My sunflower miniatures were inspired by my dwarf sunflower plant. 

Oil on canvas, 5 by 7 inches, unframed.

They are available to buy from my Etsy shop, ArtbyScottAlexander, at £19.95 each inclusive of P&P (UK). 

Sunflower Field (2).jpg

Sunflower Field.

Oil on canvas, 20 by 30ins.

This impressionistic painting was inspired by my visit to a sunflower field last summer. I wanted to capture the feeling of being surrounded by these beautiful flowers, many taller than me!

Sunflowers on a purple background  (2).j

Sunflowers on a purple background.

Oil on canvas, 18 by 24ins. 

Sunflower Joy.JPG

Sunflower Joy

Oil on canvas,  24ins x 36ins. 

Sunflowers on a Blue Background (2).JPG

Sunflowers on a Blue Background.

Oil on canvas, 16 by 20ins.

yellow vase of sunflowers

This yellow vase of sunflowers was inspired by a visit to a sunflower field. I wanted to capture the beauty and brightness of the sunflowers as the light faded into the evening. 

Sunflowers - Scott Alexander.JPG

I admire the loose handling of the flowers painted by the Impressionists. This painting of sunflowers in a vase was inspired by Monet. 

Oil on board, 29ins. x 25ins.incl.frame 

oil painting of sunflowers on a blue background
acrylic painting of a vase of sunflowers

I have recently painted 'Tiny Blue' in acrylic for a friend. At 8in x10in it's a fraction of the size of my usual pictures.

Yellow Sunflowers

Oil on canvas. Unframed. 30ins x 40ins. 

Blue Sunflowers

Oil on canvas. Unframed. 36ins x 48ins.