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My flowers combine elements from the tradition of Still Life with a more modern application of paint. They require strong brush strokes and a careful consideration of the relationship between colours to create the finished piece. If you are interested in purchasing any of my work please do contact me to make an informal enquiry.

If you like Roses please also have a look at my Roses page. 

Framed Roses.jpg
flowers in a purple vase.jpg

Flowers in a Purple Vase

Oil on canvas, 16ins. X 20ins., unframed, 

£120 plus p&p.  Please enquire here

flowers on a blue vase.jpg

Flowers in a Blue Vase

Oil on canvas, 16ins. X 20ins., unframed

£120 plus p&p.  Please enquire here

Not for sale

The Daffodils

Oil on canvas, 16ins. X 20ins., unframed

Irises int he Grass.jpg

Irises in the Grass

Oil on canvas, 18ins. X 14ins., unframed

Still Life on a marble slab.jpg

Still Life on a Marble Slab.

Oil on canvas, 16ins. x 20ins. 

£150 plus p&p.  Enquire here

Roses on a Blue Table.jpg

Roses on a Blue Table

Oil on canvas, 18ins. x 24ins.

£90 plus p&p.    Enquire here

Flowers in an orange vase.JPG
Not for sale

Flowers in an Orange Vase.

Oil on canvas, unframed, 18ins x 24ins. 



Oil on board, framed. 

Roses and Gerberas on a Yellow Backgroun

Roses and Gerberas Yellow Background 

Oil on board.

Framed pink flowers.jpg

Spring Flowers in a Yellow Vase.

Summer Flowers.jpg

Summer Flowers 

Oil on board.

framed lily painting.jpg

Lilies and Irises.

Oil on canvas, 16ins x 20ins.

Not for sale
Roses in a Blue Vase.jpg

Roses in a Blue Vase

Oil on canvas. With thanks to the new owner for their permission to use their photograph.

If you are interested in commissioning a piece of art for a room in your home please contact me to chat about your requirements.

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